CrossFireHackerz Free ZP + GP

 Hey Guys! [CFH]HamRock Here. Well Guys Most Of Peoples Want Free ZP + GP So We Thought That We Should Make A Site So That Peoples Can Get Free ZP + GP! So Just Go To The ZP And GP Tab And Fill The Forum And There You Go!




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Fuad: WOW Man Cool I Got 40.000 ZP + 20.000 GP!!! Man I Can't Believe It Thanks! And You ROCK!!

Ahmed: Thanks Man You'r Too Awesome. Man I Got 40.000 ZP And 20.000 GP Really You Rock :)

Jackson: Dude I Got 40.000 GP And 40.000 ZP. You Know I Buyed 20 ZP Creats And I Got Gatling Gun To. Man You Are Awesome.

Ron: Wohoo I Can't Believe It.I Buyed Sooo Much Things Now And I Buy 40.00 ZP 2 Time And Now I Have 80.000 ZP [CFH]HamRock You Rock!!

Hammad: Urdu:Yaar To Ney To Meri Bohot Help Kar Di Yaar Mai To Thojey Kabhi Bhi Bholo Ga Nahi Mujhe To 40.000 ZP Meley Or Mei Ney Bohot Kuch Kharida Hain. You Are The Best Friend. :) English: Man You Helped Me So Much. I Will Never Forget You. I Got 40.000 ZP And I Buy So Much You Are The Best Friend .:)

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